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stuck on level 6 eternal isles

by Christine Keaton - Mar 01, 2012 Star_s23,488 views

I am stuck on level six of eternal isles. I have played level 6 23 times now and can only score 102000 of the 135000 to get to level 7. I have all golden spiders and nothing is working. I am very frustrated and almost fed up with the game. You cannot tell me I should not have passed this level. HELP!!!

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Dawn Legacy - Mar 12, 2012

I have been on level 6 since March 1 (day eternal isles debuted.) I have boughten charms and refuse to buy anymore. Also i noticed today that when you get mail that says friends gave you coins, well they dont add them. Been at same number for 3 days and no change. So done with this.

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