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castle ville error after I complete the mission expel faugrimm

by Jerry Alfajri - Dec 05, 2011 Star_s1,965 views

why the castle ville error after I complete the mission expel faugrimm and would not workanymore and always appear error castle ville

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Debbie Osterwald - Mar 17, 2012

How did you contact zygna??!?!?!?!??!

I am having the same kind of problem. Except that my is only occurring when I click on Sonya to start her quest, the quest window pops up showing that I have completed all three things with green check marks. I click "Accept Quest", the window closes, the wolf appears, I beat the wolf into submission, and then messy little Evete shows up on her cursed error popup spewing a load of drivel about how I've lost my connection to the magic followed my an error code that constantly changes every time. I click the "reload" button, the game reloads and Sonya still has that horrid Quest waiting to be done. I am getting very tired of this evil error message and would like to work on Sonya's quests already! So was your problem ever fixed?? Or has anyone been able to get an answer from Zygna on how to fix these errors or how they are working on it or if they are even aware of the problem?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

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