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Bulletin Board - Help the Residents on the Frontier

by Tonya Collins - Jan 24, 2012 Star_s1,449 views

Life on the frontier can be hard sometimes. Residents could really use some help. ASk if you can do a Favor for them and they'll be mighty grateful!

Help out
Click on residents that need help. They'll have a "!" icon over their heads. You can also use the Bulletin Board.

View Progress
Check the Bulletin Board to see how much you've helped so far. These Favors won't appear in your mission manager.

Get Rewarded
Residents will reward you for helping them. Look for other residents that ned help to earn more rewards!


 I. Build the Bulletin Board

 II.Obtain a favor from a resident or by using the Bulletin Board

III. Complete a favor for a resident 

 Reward: 500 XP, 500 Coins & 5 Horse Shoes.


Favor missions are random. There are over 120,000 missions!!  You can view your mission on the bullentin board.
Favors can be dismissed, however you are only allowed one free dismisal a day. Otherwise it will cost 1 HS.

 neighborly hands  (required in some of the favor missions)


To build your bulletin board you will need:
10 push pins
10 cork boards
10 colored paper

15 wood brackets
15 spare lumber
15 pencils on a string


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Jodi Nealb - Mar 18, 2012

I have done quite a few of the bulletin board missions, the items I have gotten have been granny drinks, some quick draws, a few double masteries, and some fountians. I have found you can abandon 1 a day for free, then it costs HS to quit. But you can let the time run out if you want and you will get a message that says they were tired of waiting and finished it themselves. When possible keep a good supply of neighbor hands so that when one opens that needs it you can finish it fast. The amount of time given is different for each one, so keep an eye on them. The nice things is that a lot of what you need to do is what you might do on you normal time on the game.

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