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Snag Bar not snagging specific items

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Jul 02, 2010 Star_s5,270 views

UPDATE July 3rd 00:07 PDT: Zynga reverted back the changes. Here are the latest update.

Update: every member can help now! We're justing missing a few rare items...

The Snag Bar is currently not snagging specific items in your details prefs.

In your prefs, we use image urls to match specific items. Looks like FarmVille changed the url of these images today.

This affects specific items in your prefs. If you select "all eggs" or "all collections", Snag Bar will continue to snag eggs and collections. Also, if you choose anything in "miscellaneous", all those will continue to work.

If you choose specific eggs, collections, animals, weddings items, etc, those are likely to fail.

However, now that we've identified the problem, this should we a relatively quick fix. However, we'll need your help to find out all the new image urls. If you'll like to help out, just visit your GU! farmville feed, and click "report as snaggable", as shown below.

Please be patient as we update all these images. Thank You!

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Debi McDaniel - Jul 02, 2010

I tried the de-bug 1 and 2 a few times, and it still doesn't work. I have disabled, enabled, uninstalled, re-installed, removed from facebook, added to facebook, cleared out everything on my computer with a program designed to remove any and all garbage, then I start all over again. What now??????? Would someone please tell me if I will ever be able to use the snag bar again? The only thing I get is the pop-up that says "log in", and it pops up about every 3 seconds.

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