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A note regarding the GU! app and a Facebook bug

by Alan Attebery - Apr 15, 2012 Star_s6,780 views

Hey Gamers,

In the past week, we have gotten a lot of messages from people asking why they are showing up on "the list" as using the Gamers Unite! app when they say they have never installed it. They are then demanding that we remove them from that "list" immediately, if not sooner.

Please note that "the list" is maintained by Facebook, not Gamers Unite!. We do not have anyway of adding anyone to that list, which means we have no way of unadding anyone from that list. If you are on "the list," it means that you either installed the Gamers Unite! app to your Facebook profile at some point, or it means a known Facebook bug is rearing its ugly head again.

If you are showing up on "the list" because you have installed the GU! app to your profile, then you can remove yourself by uninstalling our app. If you have blocked the GU! app, you will need to unblock us first, then uninstall our app. You can then reblock us.

If you are showing up on "the list" yet have never installed the GU! app, then there is nothing we can do for you because it is a Facebook issue. This is a known Facebook app bug that has happened in the past and will likely happen again in the future. You will either have to wait until Facebook fixes this bug, or you will need to contact them and ask them to remove your name from showing up on the list of people using the GU! app.

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Sylvia Zuliani - Apr 18, 2012

the last little bit i have had loads of probelms with collecting and not showing up on my games. ive loaded and re loaded the toolbar and then the same with GU itself. Im wondering if these recent problems are anything to do with FB or Z

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