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Second and Third NURSERY BARNS? No more third Nursery Barns.

by Grace Mitchell - Jun 14, 2010 Star_s1,130 views

Well news to all of you with more than 2 Nursery Barns. It will not be long before Zyna's FarmVille Programers will have the glitch fixed. Be prepaired for the change as they have made the decission to allow you to have 2 and it comes with the warning that should you have more than that ...Well let's just say that you may have problems with the Nurseries you have.

Did you know that now you can get a second Nursery Barn. Once you have finished building your first one, go to the buildings for animals and you can get another for 5000 coins and start to build the second. It's a good place to grow your calfs and foals up in.

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Andrew Bishop - Jul 03, 2010

MAKA, i believe you will not be compensated in any way. in fact, i have heard that you risk losing any animals inside the extra barns, so i would advise removing them if you want to keep them:)

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