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Can't request from non-friends anymore?? The end of the gift exchange?

by Elisabeth Hagen Smith - Apr 19, 2012 Star_s756 views

Just tried to request something, and it only allowed me to select from my ravenskye friends. Not only that, but I can't see the post on my timeline, so I can't list it in the gift exchange. If this is the way it has gone, I'll quit playing. No way will I ever get anything done if everything has to be requested to friends only, who are highly limited in the amount they can gift.

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Elisabeth Hagen Smith - Apr 23, 2012

LOLApps has now announced that this is NOT a bug, but a permanent change to the game. There is someone on their forums claiming there is a workaround, but she won't say what it is, and I can't figure it out. The best way to protest this is to quit playing. And you need to really do it, not just threaten to. Maybe if they see us leave in mass exodus it will open their eyes.

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