Bejeweled Blitz

Match and detonate gems to compete with your friends in this exciting twist on everyone's favorite gem-swapping pastime!


Best Tips I have found so far...

by Barbara Cannon - Jul 03, 2010 Star_s7,014 views

1. as soon as you see the screen start making matches. Don't wait for it to say go.2. speed is essential, if you keep playing long enough you will play enough good hands dealt you that a high score will result. Go as fast as you can. And move your mouse around a lot. You will see more matches.3. yes, use your coins. but don't waste them on the 5 seconds. totally not worth the coins. I really like the multiplier, the switcher, and the extra gem at beginning. you never know which gem you get, the more hands you play with them, the better the chances of higher score. I find if I hit the switcher right when there are a lot of gems falling I get a bunch of points. Make sure you hit it before it ends though.4. Use the cube on a color to blow up those colored gems that the gem is lit up like a star or bomb, you will destroy more of the board that way, do it early in the game if you can. 5. Don't look down at the timer. It takes your eyes off the screen even for a split second is too long.6. If you have a zoom feature in your browser use it. I set mine to 200% and use my F11 key to make my toolbars go away. Then the playing field is very large and my old eyes see the matches better.Wow, I had more tips than I thought. I must be playing too much....No never! I can't get enough. Please help me learn more too. If you have a good tip different than these PLEASE let me know. Thanks, have fun!! Peace! 

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Desiree Hoyt - Jul 03, 2010

Thanks! Already did a few, but the other ones will come in handy. :)

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