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HOW to UNWEITHER crops when you have some that have not weithered yet

by Linda Morris - May 14, 2012 Star_s10,681 views

I don't know if this has been posted yet,but her goes:

You come to your farm and you see most or some of your crop has weithered this is what you do

1. Harvest about half the plots of what is harvestable

2. Delete plot after you harvest it

3. Move weithered plots to the plot area you just deleted

4. Reload game, or refresh game

REPEAT over and over till all your weithered have been made harvestable again. You have tobe quick though because the ones you have not harvested can weither while you do this.

The reason I don't harvest all available harvest is because farmville has a habit of reloading your page on you sometimes because of their own glitchyness of the game. and if you haven't moved your weithered plots to the deleted plot space and the game reloads on ya, you will lose that deleted plot areato put your weithered plot into. soI hedge my bets and only do a few at a time.

Hope this makes sense to ya

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Sylvia Zuliani - May 16, 2012

wouldnt you then have to re purchase all the ones you deleted?

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