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Giving Up Valuble RC's Unhappily

by Lynnda Mcgee - Feb 21, 2012 Star_s6,706 views


Why are we asked to give up valuble RC's to complete certain Gear? It takes to long to gain them. I am not happy about this and I am a avid gammer. We should not have to do this I use my RC's for fertilizers and water cans. If we cannot change this then we should at least gain 2 RC's per new level.

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Joyce Brunner Miller - May 27, 2012

I totally agree. There are things you need to get for this game that requires RC's. They shouldn't give you quests that require them if they don't give you a way to earn enough to finish the quest. I had to get a swimming pool (which I stored because of no room for everything) costs 4 RC's. They want you to buy them. I am about to quit.

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