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How To Convert Your Bingo Cards Into Tickets

by Albar Wahab - Jun 08, 2012 Star_s1,727 views

As all of you might know that for each friend you add in your bingo club , you get 1 card from him/her daily . This trick is simple and pretty easy.

It requires for you to have unlocked rooms ..... the least the fruit level


1 - Open the game

2 - Select the 4th or the 5th level

3 - Select free card , Maximum limit is 6

4 - In the middle of the game click Refresh button on your browser

After Refreshing you'll get the tickets , 4 tickets for each card in the fruit punch level . That makes a total of 24 tickets . Now you can play in Vegas light Min 4 times by using those tickets

Bonus : After refreshing , the coins you'll earn in the game will be still there while the XP ( Agent says that it still stays) and the Daubs helping thingi will be gone . Enjoy! It Might be usefull to some people.

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Mez Anderson - Jun 09, 2012

Sweet ....thanks for the info def works well!!!!

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