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Farming on Jade Farm: How to get farm equipment without spending coins, or Jade

by Linda Futrell - Jun 15, 2012 Star_s1,043 views

On your Jade Farm someone had posted that you could buy the Tractor, Seeder and Harvester in the market on your other farms and then place on your Jade Farm. I made my seeder, harvester and tractor in the Craft shop and placed them on my Jade farm. This will help you save your Jade and coins. Will work until I buy a combine for this farm.

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Elizabeth Gibbs - Jun 26, 2012

Yes this would work. However I'd like to say that I purchase the Jade Combine and it is great. Unlike the Hawaiian farm where we had to have to combines the jade farm combine works for all three different types of plots (terrace, water, and regular ground plots) So you only have to spend 10,000 jade coins and get your 40 parts to make it work and you are set to only use on vehicle for all of your plots.

And since most of the animals are expensive and you can only do a few expansions you should be able to spend that once you have made bought all the expansions for coins.

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