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Snag Bar not snagging specific items Part 2

by Amy Wong - Jul 03, 2010 Star_s10,077 views

As some of you may know, Zynga changed all the image URLs for all the items from a readable file name like "deco_egg_gold_icon.png"  to some obscure file name that looks like "dc4688462ab43d4a883b6bfede826c9d.png"  This affected the Snag Bar as we couldn't identify specific items so we asked many of our members to help us find the new image URLs. (More info can be read on this thread)

Well guess what, Zynga changed the file names back to the readable ones AGAIN. We suspect the change in file names introduced many bugs which might include the missing critters and they had to revert back the changes. But this change now made the Snag Bar not be able to identify some specific items because we changed 99% of the URLs already.

Unfortunately, our engineers are on July 4th vacation so we won't be able to update the Snag Bar until next week. In the meantime, the Snag Bar still works if ALL the items under a certain category are checked. For example, if you checked the "Eggs", make sure you have ALL the eggs under that category checked. But if you don't want the eggs at all, just uncheck the whole category. This is basically how the old Snag Bar worked before we introduced a more detailed preferences.

Thank you for your patience!

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Christie Lynn Coleman - Jul 05, 2010

@Elisa, the snag bar doesn't steal anything, it only goes though he owners wall once per minute that is all! If you feel it is stealing to take thing that anther person is GIVING away, then you really need a reality check. If you don't want the snag bag to pickup your items post hem as links. AND it only works for Farm ville! If you feel so violated and want to start a group of you own, LEAVE this one. You obviously don't belong here. we are NOT doing anything illegal. This is for gamers to share news ideas and thoughts problems and questions, no to be belittled about how we decide to play. Go join if you want to see a steal app!

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