Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Complete each episode and transport to magical new worlds on a quest to reignite Khepri's prophecy.


Stuck on Level 46....

by Danielle Quartermaine Thompson - Jul 09, 2012 Star_s2,327 views

I have been stuck on level 46 for a couple of weeks... any ideas how to get passed this one!! Am ready to give up!!!

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Mainewil Peetra - Jul 11, 2012

OMG! I am there now and realized that the video walkthrough just sucks, it uses the shuffle Charm and it costs like a zillion FB credits!!! At least I now (after playing level 46 a few times) remember the golden card hidden in the middle bottomn at round two. If I am capable of, I will certainly make a better video for level 46, but it can take ages before I manage pulling that off, LOLs. 

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