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doubledown casino is a rip off

by Lavonda Sue Burchard - Jun 18, 2012 Star_s3,387 views

well its happen to me again they take my chips away from me and am sick of it i think that they need to be kicked off facebook for taking your money and chips so if you are tried of it just like me and my frends are lets tell them so

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Ronnie Clayton - Jul 15, 2012

You can enjoy DDC if you just realize they don't conform to legitimate game odds. Understand you are going to lose, there is NO WAY to win. You are ranked by how much you've lost. This is not a regulation odds casino. The games are programed to lure you in than take it all back. If you are one of the people who buys chips from them, I'm sorry. You would be better off just taking the chips they give you, play till there gone, than turn off DDC/FB. They won't be taken off FB. FB is making allot of money off of people who actually buy chips. Just play the free chips, than turn DDC/FB OFF. Once I realized there was NO WAY TO WIN, I actually get a kick out of playing, and watching how their programming is set up to play you for a sucker !! DO NOT BUY CHIPS, YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY. Buy chips if you want to help these college boys get richer. Otherwise, DO NOT BUY CHIPS, Play the free ones than TURN Double Down Casino OFF !! YOU CAN'T WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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