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Help on level 135

by Nele Heymans - Jul 15, 2012 Star_s529,603 views

Are there any specific tips on how to pass this annoying level? You have to get 2 bubble packes next to eachother twice but that seems impossible.

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Jen Hilton - Jul 16, 2012

I'm up to level 140. I achieved 3 stars (red, green, yellow) on level 135. What worked for me was clearing the chocolate as fast as I could by swapping a striped and a wrapped candy early on, to make the big candy that gets rid of chocolate. Or, if you use the chocolate bombs, they will destroy any chocolate next to the same color candy that you swap it with. And the chocolate bombs are great to remove one or more of the colors from the game, making wrapped candies a lot more possible to create with the remaining colors. The rest of it is luck. :)

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