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collection help me

by Sami Hammoud - Jul 24, 2012 Star_s334 views

i finished some collection but where to click in collection and exchnge them to item please tell me

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Elizabeth Gibbs - Jul 31, 2012

Well is it a collection or a craft you want help with as they are similar. When Asking questions for help please try to be more specific so that the question can get answered. Listing what you are trying to craft or collect would be a great help next time.

Ok so Here is my best help answer. As far as I know there is no one way to collect collections or create a craft. All must be done in different ways. Like if you click on the mail box you can complete the sweepstakes or the lot expansion permit. Then for the butterfly collection you were given a book to help you redeem those collections. If you don't have one and its not in your inventory then you should contact Z for help.

Crafting is kind of like completing collections. To craft you must have bought certain items from the market. Then at the top of the box that opens there should be a briefcase that is where you purchase stuff for your Jobs, Crafting, Trophies , and Energy. If you then click on the Crafting tab there are then things you can purchase to help you complete those crafts. Like you already start out with the oven and they ask you to buy the mixer to help you craft more things on the oven. But if you purchase the Blue Crafty Work Bench you can craft candle was, then if you purchase the Green Crafty Arts Table you can craft the Floating Candle which helps you get more happiness.

Hope That Helps!

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