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Level 65 help please

by Jeanne Snyder Smith - May 10, 2012 Star_s1,429,810 views

I cannot seem to get past level 65. Does anybody have any tips?

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Glen R Hier - Aug 03, 2012

I have been stuck on level 65 for a couple weeks as well and looked patterns and such and watched the video on youtube from the german guy who beat it. What I have found about that level is using a trick that worked for me. When you start, try to get as many 4 combo bunches as you can and get as many stripe candies as you can. The biggest thing about that level is DON'T RUSH your moves. When you first start, look for all possible 4 bunches as you can and get stripe candies, then look at what you have and try to get rid of the chocolates quickly which will help a great deal. After that, its just a matter of luck of hitting the right combos to get the black orbs of colors and stripes combos which will wipe out most of the puzzle. Trust me its not easy but it can be done with patience and time. If you can at least get a minimum of 2 combo (black orbs/stripe candy hits early enough or before 10 more moves, its a good chance it will. Trust me, it can be done, just takes time and patience. Don't rush your moves and look for big combos and you will win this level.

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