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Free Links Exchange

by Elliott Soh - Apr 14, 2012 Star_s12,893 views

Hi everyone! I would like to remind everyone to post your links in one post, as many as you can gather but ensure they are valid. Otherwise your posts may be deleted within 6 hours, in accordance to the guidelines. Also do keep them organised, as given in the example below. Thanks again!

Oh, and do check out the Tips section below!


- Elliott (Singapore)

Old tutorial (backup):

**NEW!!** Use these steps to counter the new measures:

Alternatively, enable this script in your browser:

The link will appear in the Share dialogue top text field.

Note: For Google Chrome and Firefox (Greasemonkey plugin required). Verified safe (MD5 Hash Code: ff13953f82447babb56db6b32bf70d8c).

Credits: Vasil Martinov (Code Writer) & Swapnil G. Enjoyin.

Tutorial Link:

Other Links:
Go to for more links and contests.
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Other tips and tricks at


Here's a quick way to enter in a bulk of links at one go:

• Add all your links using Google Docs Spreadsheet (If you have a Google account) or Microsoft Excel, and type in "2500 Silver -" into the first cell of the first column (for example).
• Now hover your cursor over the bottom-right of that cell till you see a "+" cursor appear in place of the arrow. To do this in Google Docs, after typing in text, de-select it by clicking once on another cell and hover over the bottom-right part of that cell which you have entered.
• Then, click-drag vertically down to the number of links you have for 2500 Silver or 1000 Silver or 5 Fish (or whatever else!).
• In the next column, you may copy and paste the links into each cell accordingly.
• When you're done, all you have to do is click-drag from the top-left cell to the bottom-right cell of all the text and links and press Copy or Ctrl+C.
• Post it in the forum here with Ctrl+V (for paste) and voila! Try it!

Disclaimer: Of course, posting via Google Docs Spreadsheets will be different as you have to Download As a document before you can actually use the data copied for pasting here. Thus it is highly recommended to use Microsoft Excel over the latter. Enjoy!


Now if you find it rather time consuming or tiresome clicking all those links on the forum, here is how you may do it with some nifty keyboard shortcuts:

[Note: This is oriented to the links starting from the bottom and oldest to the top and newest.]
1. Hover your mouse over one link.
2. Hold Ctrl key on your keyboard, and select that link to open the link in a new tab on your browser (rather than right-clicking the link and selecting Open link in New Tab or Window). DO NOT MOVE THE MOUSE YET.
3. Still holding down Ctrl key, press Page Down (or PgDn on some keyboards) to view the new opened tab.
4. Still holding down Ctrl key, wait for the page to load up before hitting the W key to close that tab.
5. Now, move your mouse cursor up from that link you previously opened.
Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each link.

Note: If you arrive at the top of the page and you need to move it up and bookmark an area, highlight with the mouse (click-drag on text) the last link you just opened. Then, move the page up by mouse or the Up arrow key, and continue from the link above your bookmarked text.

Hope that will make things easier for you now.

Here's a related tip:
You could copy those links one by one until you've got a list of them on a Notepad (program in Windows) or spreadsheet column, and pasting the whole lot into a text box on this website (open this in a New Window)...

All you need to do then is hit Submit and watch the magic begin. Once all tabs have been opened, close the whole window after about 10 seconds or until you see the Solitaire Blitz app loaded on the page. Alternatively, if you wish to check through each link, you may close each tab one by one by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W.

[Note: These shortcuts are made for the Windows platform. For other platforms, please refer to your browser help or manual. This works in Internet Explorer 9 and newer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. WARNING: If your computer does not have enough memory to open that many tabs of Solitaire Blitz at one go, go with 5 at a time to reduce the strain on your system.]

Replies (680)

Elliott Soh - Aug 06, 2012

Yes, Tami. Your links are fine. :) Sorry, didn't reply to you immediately. I wanted to compile my links to go with my post and I have been rather busy lately. :)

Here's 42 links from that time till now:

1 3 Run Finders
2 1 Free Boost
3 26,000 Silver
4 2,500 Silver
5 2,500 Silver
6 2,500 Silver
7 2,500 Silver
8 5 Fish
9 5 Fish
10 2,500 Silver
11 2,500 Silver
12 2,500 Silver
13 1,000 Silver
14 2,500 Silver
15 2,500 Silver
16 2,500 Silver
17 2,500 Silver
18 2,500 Silver
19 2,500 Silver
20 2,500 Silver
21 2,500 Silver
22 2,500 Silver
23 2,500 Silver
24 2,500 Silver
25 2,500 Silver
26 1,000 Silver
27 2,500 Silver
28 2,500 Silver
29 1,000 Silver
30 1,000 Silver
31 1,000 Silver
32 1,000 Silver
33 2,500 Silver
34 2,500 Silver
35 2,500 Silver
36 5 Fish
37 1,000 Silver
38 2,500 Silver
39 2,500 Silver
40 1,000 Silver
41 1,000 Silver
42 Friendship Day Deck


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