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Level 86 help

by Linda Widdup Moon - Aug 08, 2012 Star_s839,228 views

I have been on Level 86 for 4 weeks now and am no closer to beating it than when I played it for the first time. Any clues?

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Glen R Hier - Aug 13, 2012

level 86 is a hard level at first for it seems that its impossible to beat but there are clues. First thing, DON'T PANIC and DON'T rush your moves. All the jellies are under the black. lickerish swirls only and not under the barricade candies on the edges of the pyramid. The key to beating this level is breaking a few barriers open, I like the top 2 rows of the pyramid and work your way down. The stripe candies are your friend so get them as much as you can and exploding candies are a huge help too. Black orbs combos are ok but not really helpful but the JUMBO candy works pretty good. once your in the pyramid, try to get the combos you see and try bringing them into the pyramid as much as possible. It can be done, just takes patience and you will do it.

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