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Soldiers Pen Pal

by Tonya Collins - Aug 16, 2012 Star_s693 views

Private Grant is lonely and finding it hard to adapt to army life. Fanny has decided that your kids would make perfect Pen Pals for him to help make him feel a little less homesick!

There are 5 missions as well as 4 "build stages. However this time instead of a building you will need to place a mailbox. If you choose you can use any mailbox we have received on the Frontier, the stuffed mailbox from the news stand missions, the blue box from the wishing well missons or the rooster box from the news stand badge.

What we will need:  aloe vera, 30 sparkling roses , 20 agave cacti, 60 squash, pink orchids, audlt spotted pigs, adult cows, adult sheep, flax,  rhode island red, drogon geese, rocks,  20 cacti to clear, orange trees, 10 fishing bait , 30 beets and 60 wheat.  

There will also be 2 new collections, the Homefront Heros collection and the Pen Pal Collection.  


I. New Pen Pal
Tend 30 Adult Pigs
Collect 8 Fanny Writing Guides
Place One Military Mailbox
Rewards: 500 XP, Spotted Pig, Rhode Island Red

II. Pen Pal Nerves
Harvest 60 Squash
Craft 2 Pen Pal Pencils
Help Your Kids Write Their First Letter
Rewards: 1000XP, Floppy Fair Hare, 5 Moss

*Each Pencil will need 6 Graphite Ore (clearing rocks), 9 Graphite Molds (requested) and 8 Pencil Wood (requested)

Carrier bags drop from adult cows, Each Letter requires 15 writing paper (flax) 12 envenlopes (requested) and 6 sticky sealant (aloe vera). Each Pencil Case Requires 8 Wool bags (adult sheep) and 6 small zippers (requested)

III. Pen Pal Pets
Tend 15 Adult Floppy Fair Hares
Fish 10 Times
Help Your Kids Describe Their Pets
Rewards: 1500 XP 5 Seive Stations, Dragon Goose

Each letter requires 15 writing paper (flax) 12 envelopes (requested). Each Pencil Case requires 8 woold bags (adult sheep) and 6 small zippers.  sticky sealant drops from (aloe). Bowls drop from adult spotted pigs. 

IV.Pen Pal Hobbies
Harvest 30 Sparkling Roses (free gift)
Collect 16 Draggin Slayors (requested)
Help Your Kids Describe Their Hobbies
Rewards: 25000 XP, 2000 Coins , Sergeant Stubby 

Each Letter Requires 15 Writing Paper (flax) 12 Envelpes (requested) and 6 sticky sealant (aloe). Each priority seal requires 4 floral reliefs (pink orchids) and 4 red wax (requested). Each Mitt requires 3 mitt leather and glove polish both requested.

V. Pen Pal Picture
Tend Sergeant Stubby 4 Times (prior mission reward)
Harvest 20 Agave Cactus (free gift)
Help Ted Draw You and Stubby
Rewards: 4000XP, Pirate Pig , Solier Bear

Each Letter requires 15 writing paper (flax), 12 envenlopes (requested) and 6 sticky sealant (aloe). Each priority seal requires 4 floral reliefs (pink orchids), and 4 4 red wax (requested). Each mural requires 15 fancy wood (orange trees), 24 lathe kits (requested) and 12 commemorative plaques (requested)

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'Susan Boorman - Aug 19, 2012

i have fed over 100 adult cows and have not gotten any carrier bags. is anyone else having this problem?

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