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Snag Bar showing gray screen? Cannot connect to Facebook? This may help!

by Chao Lam - Jul 05, 2010 Star_s29,905 views

If you start the snag bar and the gray screen never goes away (and likewise doesn't go away on the snag bar preferences page), we think we found a fix (at least to one class of these problems).

It seems like there's a facebook bug connected to users giving our app permission to posting items on your walls. Since, we only use this permission for the 'auto-like' feature of the snag bar, we are suspending this feature (until Facebook can fix this bug). Before we remove this feature, please stop using auto-like for now!

UPDATE 11.19.10 - The auto-like is not an issue now as we are using a different method but uncheck it and see if it fixed the problem just in case.

For users facing the above problem, please do the following steps:

  1. Go to your's applications settings page
    applications settings page
  2. Remove Gamers Unite! application by clicking on the "x":remove gu! app
  3. Click on the snag button on the toolbar: snag button and you should be asked to relogin and give permissions again.
    relogin to gu!

If this still doesn't fix the "gray screen" issue, then you probably have a different class of problems. Please go through our troubleshooting page thoroughly, and if that doesn't solve your issues go to and follow the instructions carefully (remember to explicitly say you're willing to Skype with us).


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Bernadine Heft - Jul 07, 2010

Mine is also not working most of the time and is slowing everything else down on my computor. It is a pain to deal with everyday.

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