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CastleVille - Free Links Thread

by Amy Wong - Feb 24, 2012 Star_s382,497 views

The CastleVille forum is popular with free links but it's making it hard to see other member's questions and tips. Please put a link to your site on this page as a reply for now.


THIS IS NOT A THREAD TO DO LINK EXCHANGE. Please go to CastleVille link exchange for that.

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Gurahamu Kelly - Oct 10, 2012

Everybody I am sad to say Z**** have again zapped the link system and now nothing works. You just get Reward Data Missing.

The reason for this is because Z**** added a sendkey to newly generated links and without this sendkey, you get the above message. I am guessing sendkeys can only be generated by actually playing the game. We now have to wait for this system to be hacked to bring the items back to us :(

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