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Snag Bar for Chrome is finally out!

by Amy Wong - Aug 08, 2012 Star_s40,025 views

Update (09/12/12 @ 22:44 PM PST): 1-Click Friends is finally available on Snag Bar for Chrome! Please reinstall to update. For more info 1-Click Friends, please see this thread. We also pushed out the option to opt out from the tab change!

It's finally out! Thank you for all who tested the early beta version of the Snag Bar for Chrome that we released couple of weeks ago! There are still kinks to be worked out (we are still waiting for the Mac version) but we are now out of "early beta" phase and would like more people to try it out! So far, the reception has been great - not much bugs and many people are raving about it's speed! It's definitely the fastest Snag Bar out of all!

You can download the Snag Bar for Chrome from this link: (make sure you are using Chrome to click it! :D)

We've also received feedbacks from those who tested the early beta version, the popular ones were:

  1. 1-Click Friends - DONE!
  2. Auto-Comment - DONE!
  3. Opt out from new tab change - DONE!

We might have missed some so please feel free to let us know of any more feedbacks!

Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Teresa Donald - Oct 14, 2012

I just recently started having some problems opening my farm on FF, where I have my bar installed, so I downloaded Chrome for working on the farm.  I found that if I leave my FB open on FF while I am there, it is just a matter of refreshing and I have my items in my gb :)

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