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How I went from Level 20 to Level 25 in five minutes - without cheating or hacking

by Alan Attebery - Oct 19, 2012 Star_s10,113 views

It's what we all want when we play one of these games. We want to level up quickly so we can get access to all the stuff that is just out of our reach. And once we've done that, we then want to level up quickly again so we can get access to all the stuff that is now just out of our reach. And this cycle continues to repeat itself.

So imagine my delight when I managed to increase five levels, from Level 20 to Level 25, in less than five minutes...... all without cheating or hacking.

What's my secret? Luck. Pure luck.

Earlier this evening, I contact Zynga Live Chat after FarmVille 2 wouldn't allow me to collect any reward posts despite not having collected anything since 9 AM this morning. The agent who helped me was very polite (two polite agents in a row - what is going on?) and apologetic. She took a look at my account and then said she would refresh it to get rid of some bugs to see if that would fix things for me.

When she was done, she said she would give me a pack of Milk Bottles, a pack of Fertilizer, and 1000 XP. While I wasn't expecting any XP, much less that much, I was grateful. I knew it would be enough to level up to Level 21. I thanked the agent and went back to my farm.

So imagine my surprise when, after clearing my Flash and browser caches, I logged into my farm and found myself at Level 25. Just like that. I was Level 20, but was now Level 25. Without cheating or hacking.

Clearly, the Live Chat agent made a mistake when she added the XP to my account. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. This gave me access to all those item that had just been out of my reach. Playing catchup with those items and tasks will keep me busy for a little while.

Sometimes, it's good to be me.


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Nouira Amel - Oct 19, 2012

your site is very good nice job thanks

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