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Call the cops! Someone stole my farmhands!

by Mary-Lou Seyeau - Oct 25, 2012 Star_s367 views

It has been 3 days now, and my farmhands are not showing up. At first I thought that it was my friends not respnding... maybe I wasn't paying them enough but then confirmed that in fact, they had accepted my requests. I have seen a few others on the zynga forums with the same issue so I decided to email support hoping that something might be resolved. That was 3 days ago and I have still not heard anything back from them, nor have I seen any updates on the forum.

It seems to be that there is hallowe'en hyjinx in the air as there has been so many other glitches with the game lately. Some will work to your advantage such as the fact that all visitors show up double on my farm, same person only 1 is male and the other is female character. They both tend to the same spots which is nice because 1 wll harvest a tree and the other will water it. I have saved alot of water which is a plus. On the other hand I have wasted fertilizer trying to get prized crops for extra exp which I seem to be not getting credit for. Makes it hard to level without the extra. This is yet another glitch that I have seen others post on the zyng forums and still nothing seems to be resolved.

To those of you that choose to waste your hard earned money on this and other game, I feel the worst for you having to contend with these glitches.

While i realize that there is alot involved with creating and maintaining a game, there is not the equal amount of effort being put into customer support. Perhaps people would complain less if they were kept in the loop as to what all issues are and how they are being rectified.

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Mary-Lou Seyeau - Oct 26, 2012

Thanks Alan. Can I ask you also, do you only get quests at certain levels? I am currently at 15 and finished the 1 quest that I had, and now I have nothing.

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