FarmVille 2

Grow and harvest beautiful crops, raise adorable animals, and craft delicious treats on your very own lifelike 3D farm.



by Judy Scruggs Baker - Nov 03, 2012 Star_s5,905 views

cheese-I'm having a hard time getting any cheese from animals--anyone have the secret to this since I need 20 .

I finally got all the cheese I needed to finish the mission but it took some doing. Bought another cow and 2 white goats even though I already had 10 goats. Funny, now that I have finished the mission I am getting cheese occasionally. I will definitely hold on to them from now on. As soon as goats are prized I am either selling them or putting them in inventory and buying another one to replace it.

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Mary-Lou Seyeau - Nov 06, 2012

I too am having an issue with cheese. I bought a nubian goat as it is supposed to produce cheese. All he has given me is milk and fertilizer. Something doesn't seem quite right.....

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