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Thanksgiving Feast Missions

by Tonya Collins - Nov 09, 2011 Star_s2,719 views


(credit for this post goes to our Moderator Barbara D'Angelo, source From Frontierville Facts and Tips)

Every Year, Cookie makes Thanksgivin' feasts for those in need an' th is year, he's asking for yer help! There're five families in need, so roll up
yer sleeves and lend a hand!

Link Requests:  Casserole Dish  Creamy Butter  Ceramic Bowl  Place Mat  Mixing Bowl 

Napkin Holder   Glass Pitcher   Metal Wisk   Gravy Boat  Stuffin Spices  Pumpkin Pie Tin

Table Cloth


I. Thanks Fer Giving
Harvest 20 Corn
Harvest 20 Peas
Pack Hank and Fanny's Thanksgivin' Meal (click pack on the menu)
Rewards: Leaf Angel , 400 xp, 400 coins



II. Help the MCbaggins Family
Harvest 30 Potatoes
Clear 30 Grass
Pack the Mcbaggins Care Package (click pack on the menu)
Rewards: Ripe Pumpkin 500 xp 500 coin


III. MCdinkles Debacle
Harvest 30 Wheat
harvest 20 Pumpkins
Send the Mcdinkles Care package (click pack on the menu)
Rewards: Sweet Potato seeds x5 500 xp 500 coin and Pilgrim Turkey



IV. Spread the Cheer -The Burtons
Harvest 30 Wheat
Chop trees 20 times
Send the Burtons Care Package (click pack on the menu)
Rewards: Large Potatoes 500 xp 500 coins


V. Laughing Bear's Family Surpirse
Harvest 40 Pumpkids
Tend 20 Adult Cows
Send Laughing Bear's Care Package (click pack on the menu )
Rewards: Gravy Train 500 xp 500 coin




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Source: Frontierville Facts and Tips

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Susie Helme - Nov 09, 2012

where can i access the Thanksgiving Missions?

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