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Official CityVille "Franchise Request" thread

by Alan Attebery - unknown Star_s21,890 views

One of the biggest gripes I've seen about CityVille involves franchises, either not getting neighbors to accept a franchise request or only getting bakeries or other early stage franchise requests for their city. A post I saw from Gamers Unite! member Daniela Machado gave me the idea to start this Official CityVille "Franchise Request" thread.

Whether you are looking for franchisers to open a store in your city, or you are looking to open a franchise in another city, you may post your request in this thread. However, as with all such threads of this type, there are rules that you must follow.

1) You must state in the post whether you are looking for someone to open a franchise in your city or are looking to open a franchise in someone else's city

2) You must state in the post the type of franchise you are looking for / willing to operate (or, conversely, the type of franchise you are not interested in / are not willing to operate)

3) You may only post your franchise request once every 24 hours

REMEMBER: Only neighbors can open franchises in other cities, so you will have to add the person as a friend on Facebook then add them as a neighbor in CityVille. Make sure your profile is set to allow strangers the ability to send a Friend Request to you. Otherwise, your post in here will be for nothing.

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Jolly Ronald Hansen - Nov 14, 2012

Players ask to open franchises anymore? been playing this game since it started and opened a 2nd city cause support screwed my first city over and closed it down. Not a single request asked for a franchise.. not like I ask for them tho. after a week or two no one supplys after that.

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