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Timed Quest: Ancient Harvest (4 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Nov 17, 2012 Star_s6,720 views


It's time to get back to living off the land, just like your ancestors did. Advancements, schmacements. Who needs them? If it was good enough for Grandpa, then it's good enough for us. After all, this isn't the Ancient Harvest quest for nothing.

There are 4 missions in this quest, and IT IS A TIMED one. The expected end date is approximately 11 AM CST on Tuesday, November 20.

See below for requirements and rewards for the Ancient Harvest quest.


Ancient Harvest: 1 of 4 - Grandpa's Soil Secret
Grandpa's Soil Secret

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Ancient Harvest: 2 of 4 - An Old Seed
An Old Seed

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Ancient Harvest: 3 of 4 - Thorny Old Farmers
Thorny Old Farmers

(Image courtesy of Gamers Unite! member Marina Deković.)

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins


Ancient Harvest: 4 of 4 - Grandma's Soup
Grandma's Soup

Rewards: 20 XP & 400 Coins

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Top Comment of the Week!

Robyn Barcomb - Nov 17, 2012

The next mission calls for painted corn (30), 5 arrowheads (give one/get one - able to post as a link exchange item), 2 corn puddings (5 milk + 18 corn... so plant extra corn beyond the 30 needed if you do not have stock!) which are great... they pay out at 2010 coins and 12 xp.

Anyone have info on the 3rd and 4th missions?

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