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Free Energy Trick (No software required)

by Albar Wahab - Nov 17, 2012 Star_s2,981 views

It is a very simple and easy trick

1- A popup will accur when you load the game to save data on your computer to make it load faster.

Click " Yes Please "

Allow it and save the data on your computer

2- Now go to your history by Click CTRL+H

3- Clear all of your cache from the past hour or day

4- Now load the game again and you'll get the popup Allow it

5- Keep on doing this until you get alot of energy

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Yvonne VanSledright - Nov 17, 2012

yep i get this every time i clear my cache when i log out of FF or Chrome but I alwasy say allow but i never once got the 5 energy. Tried to tell support, they didn't know what i was talking about. I have a Mac so maybe that is the problem, you wouldn't think so. It would be nice to get the energy, sure gets used up a lot...

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