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ARTICLE: Zynga founder 'near tears' over fate of struggling online gaming company

by Alan Attebery - Nov 25, 2012 Star_s1,628 views

So the Daily Mail is reporting that the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mark Pincus is, privately, near tears over how his company has been floundering over the past few months.

Say it with me, folks: Boo, freaking, hoo.

Mark Pincus

In the article, it is noted that Zynga's stock has lost 85% of its value since reaching a high of $15.91 a share back in March. Since then, the company has reported lower-than-expected revenues, has laid off nearly 200 people, closed a few offices, announced the sunsetting of 13 games, reduced invesntment in The Ville, shelved one new game completely that executives at the company thought would be a hit, and lowered their year-end forecast....... twice.

That's a lot of bad news.

Even Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a company whose own revenues and stock value hasn't lived up to expectations, has piled on the bad news. Zuckerberg recently stated on an earnings calls "that the payments Facebook received from Zynga have dropped 20 per cent in the last quarter, even as overall revenues from other companies using the social media platform have grown."

Translation: Other social gaming companies are doing fine. Zynga isn't.

When a company that irritates hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis starts piling on the bad news on a company that manages to irritate only a few million people on a daily basis, you know things are bad.

What gets me is that I've been reporting on the bad fortunes of Zynga for months now, and each time my response has been the same: FIX THE DAMN GLITCHES AND YOU WILL FIX MOST OF WHAT AILS YOU!

Is that really a hard concept to understand? It's not that I expect any of their games to never glitch. That would be impossible, especially since new material is being released in their games all the time. But when it takes days, weeks, or even months to fix a glitch, that is completely unacceptable. Yet Zynga refuses to throw developer power at the glitches in order to fix them, or so it would appear.

So Mark Pincus is near tears. Which suits me just fine, because I've seen your posts. You lot have been in tears for months now, if not longer. Mark being in tears is simply past due.

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Samantha Joy Meo - Dec 05, 2012

I've heard so many horrible stories about problems with Zynga games and their horrible customer service, but every time that I have a problem, I get help fairly quickly. Then I move on and continue to play my game without much trouble.

However, it seems horrible to not care or feel happy that this is happening to Zynga. People are losing their jobs. I hope Pincus comes to his senses and deals with the problems so many people are having so he can hire those poor people back and prosper.

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