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Farmville to delete all farms using Gamers Unite

by - Jun 04, 2010 Star_s1,897 views

Ok, I've had 2 FV neighbors that have sent me messages today saying that Farmville is going to clear all users of Gamers Unite and make them have to start over with out using Gamers Unite; because they are saying this is a form of stealing from other FV players. Has anybody heard if this is a true statement from Farmville, or is this just away for Neighbors that we have that consider it cheating to try & scare us GU users to stop using Gamers Unite?

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Tim Grayson - Dec 16, 2012

I've heard this same rumor for 3 years or since I joined GU, people start these rumors and it speads like wild fire. Just don't worrie about it and the people telling you this is the ones that are against anyone on this site. Just because they can sit all day at the computer clicking all day don't mean we all have that time, if I did I sure wouldn't spend it clicking one thing at a time. Zynga know's that more ppl will play FV with the snag bar, the more that plays the more money they get.

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