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45x45 and 48x48 Land Expansion Missions

by Barbara D'Angelo - Aug 13, 2012 Star_s5,392 views

It is time to Expand! The Gigantic Homestead Expansion (45x45) and the Gargantuan Homestead Expansion (48x48) have been released with missions. There is also a 51x51 Expansion that is released for the tidy sum of only 600HS for those very rich homesteaders lol.

Missions 45x45

Part I Bulk Up

Collect 10 Clearing tools from friends
Harvest 90 Tomatoes
Craft 10 Snack Satchels

Rewards: 250XP, 250 Coins, 5 Lemon Trees

Crafting Snack satchels requires 4 Snack Mix requested and 6 Leather Satchels drop from adult cows for each Snack Satchel

 Part II Marking Territory

Harvest 120 Lemon Trees
Collect 15 survey Authorizations from friends
Chop Pine Trees 200 times

Rewards: 500XP, 500 Coins, 5 Lemon Mint

 Part III Clearing Foxes

Clobber 7 Foxes
Clear 50 Grass
Craft 10 Fox Snares

Rewards: 750XP, 750 Coins, Ultimate Chili

To Craft Each Fox Snare you will need 6 Trap Sticks, drop from chopping non-sapling Oak trees on your homestead and 8 Meat Hooks, requested

 Part IV True Lines

Tend 150 Adult Sheep

Craft 10 Survey Tripods
Collect 25 Border Flags from friends

Rewards: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, 3 Coffee trees

To Craft ech Survey Tripod you will need 6 wood poles, drop from Apple trees, and 8 Viewin' Scopes, requested.

 Part V Official Business

Craft 15 Scythes
Collect 5 daily bonuses from the Land Office
Harvest 50 Green Apple Trees

Rewards: 1500XP, Totem Poles, 45X45 Expansion unlocked

To Craft each Scythe you will need 8 long blades, requested and 6 Branch Handles, drop from peach trees.

To finish your Expansion go to your land office and purchase the Expansion for 8 Land Grants.

Gargantuan Expansion 48x48

 Part I Spreading the Word

15 Neighbor Permission Slips, requested                                                                                  20 Cacti cleared                                                                                                                 Craft 10 Beautiful Gift Baskets

 Rewards 250XP, 250 Coins, 2 fully grown Oak trees

To craft each Beautiful Gift Basket you will need 4 Wildflower Bouquets, Drop occasionally from wildflowers on your Homestead, and 4 Beautiful Baskets, requested

 Part II Clearing the Path

 Harvest 35 Coffee Trees                                                                                                   Clear 10 Varmits from your homestead                                                                                  20 Wool yarn, drops from Sheep

Rewards: 500XP, 500 Coins, 5 Marigolds

 Part III Remove Unwanted Visitors

 Harvest 100 Wheat                                                                                                            Craft 10 Boundary Markers                                                                                               Collect 25 Map Coordinates from friends

 Rewards: 750XP, 750 Coins, 1 Shaggy Llama

 To Craft each Boundary Marker you will need 4 Spike Poles, Drop from Apricot Trees on your homestead, and 8 Pink Flags, requested

 Part IV Providing A Safe House

 Collect 30 Thick Blankets from Friends                                                                                  Craft 20 Snack Satchels                                                                                                   Collect 85 Picnic Food, drops from Pecan trees

 Rewards: 1000XP, 1000 Coins, 1 Cream cow

To craft the Snack Satchels you will need 4 Snack Mix, requested and 6 Leather Satchels, drop from adult cows

 Part V Get Er Done

 Craft 20 Lookout Perches,                                                                                                Collect 5 Daily Bonuses from the Land office                                                                         Tend 150 Oxen

 Rewards 1500XP, Water Geyser, Expansion unlocked

 To craft each Lookout Pearch you will need 8 Ladder Boards, drop from non-sapling Oak trees on your homestead, and 4 Flexable Straps, requested

 To finish your Expansion go to your land office and purchase the Expansion for 9 Land Grants.



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