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Petition: Please Remove Lock Feature on Farmville Game Posts

by Peggy George - Dec 18, 2012 Star_s1,063 views

I have been playing Farrmville since it began. Lately, I have noticed that almost all of my neighbors have been using the "lock" feature on posts in order to allow only certain people to get the foals, calfs, trees, etc that they post. In the past 2 weeks, I have been unable to get enough watering cans, animal feed, and building materials. I have also been unable to get a lot of different trees, foals and calfs. After emailing several of my FV neighbors who are resorting to this, one reason for this behavior stands out. Money. A lot of my neighbors are selling such items to their other neighbors. I refuse to pay my neighbors for foals, calfs, trees, etc. As far as I know, this is against Facebook and Zynga's rules. I would like to see the feature that allows "locking" a post for specific people in FV removed or disabled in order to prevent this type of unfair play.

Therefore, I am posting this as a petition. Please indicate in comments if you agree or disagree. I will forward a copy along with screen shots of all agrees to Zynga.

UPDATE: I contacted FB about this feature. I was told that it is indeed a FB feature, but Zynga and other third party game developers were/have been offered the option of disabling that feature in their game(s). Obviously, Zyga hasn't done that. So, this petition will be addressed to Zynga.

I am well aware that there are many people who prefer to use the lock feature in FB to prevent their coworkers, boss, or others from seeing certain posts. However, this petition isn't about disabling it for anything other than for in game posts.

(By the way, I am looking for more neighbors willing to share their items....add me.)

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Constance Ann Alvino - Dec 21, 2012

I know some won't like what I am about to say... but with what I have been reading here, I just have to ask, why don't you just delete those neighbors who are NOT sharing, or who are using the lock, or who are only taking and not giving back or etc... I mean seriously, there are way too many GOOD players out there, for anyone to keep a neighbor, or friend, or etc... that is annoying them or doing or not doing something they don't like.

Bottom line, I don't use this lock, but then again I don't really care who is or who isn't to be honest. The way I look at it, this is a GAME, and it should be enjoyable, period. So if you want to play your game and use the lock then go for it, and if someone doesn't like that you are doing that, then they should remove you as a neighbor. Same goes for those who do not like lock being used... if you don't like it, then remove that person as a neighbor. Why try to change something like that, when evidently there are TONS upon TONS of people who ARE using it, enjoy using it, and for whatever reasons. It is THEIR game, not yours, so just delete them. Let me say, I am NOT bashing the poster, and I am NOT bashing the lock users, I am simply saying it is a game, so enjoy it WITH the people you like playing with, and NOT with the ones you don't, it saves time getting annoyed/upset, and trying to change something that will probably never change anyway.

By the way, yes I play this way. I have been playing for a few weeks now, and already I have deleted more then a couple of neighbors. The ones I have deleted I noticed were always asking for help, and getting MY help, but rarely or never helping me back. This is one of the main reasons I will and have deleted someone. I would rather have 20 really good "GIVE & take" neighbors, then to have 100 "Take & take" ones.

One last thing, to the person who was talking about those who don't "like" the posts... I am one of those people, I try to like them, but since I have arthritis in my fingers, and it gets bad sometimes, I am not always able to do the extra clicking of liking a post. I have mentioned this a few times here and there on my page, and I have talked to others... keep this in mind before you jump the gun about those who don't like your posts, there are a lot of elderly people I have seen playing this game, even though I am not elderly, LOL, only 38, but still.

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