Ravenwood Fair

Brave the scary forest of Ravenwood to create a charming fair full of fun rides, tasty treats, and majestic buildings!


Ravenwood Fair Tips

by Chris Winfrey - Oct 29, 2010 Star_s6,421 views

Tip: Clear the forest to get materials. You can also ask your friends to send you some for free.
Tip: Be sure to place things away from the forest's edge. It's determined to take the space back.
Tip: Use multiple Protectors to protect your whole clearing.
Tip: Increase you Fun rating by building games and keep your supplies stocked to get visitors.
Tip: Remember, you can ask your friends for decorations and get them for free.
Tip: Remember that you get exciting loot drops from trees too.
Tip: Tree Sap and Lady Bugs are found out in the forest,through gifts or by solving quest.
Tip: More attractions means more fun and more visitors.
Tip: The Wonder site is on the north side of the hill.
Tip: Place the hotdog carts close to a Thunderbox. Your visitors will thank you.
Tip: Don't build your attractions so close to the edge of the forest.
Tip: Though you can build anywhere, well spaced Fairs are more fun.
Tip: Be sure to keep the grounds clear of thorns!
Tip: Buildings add Fun to your fair and make your visitors happy.
Tip: You can find Crystals all over Ravenwood Fair.
Tip: Place decorations throughout your map to add beauty.
Tip: Remember to keep your attractions full of supplies so you collect the most money.
Tip: Protectors keep monsters away and sometimes give you exciting prizes.
Tip: Remember to place things away from the forest edge or reguraly trim it back so your new            purchases don't get thorned.
Tip: The fastest way to clear trees, is to use the Beaver Chop Power Up.
Tip: Visit your neighbors to get energy, food, XP, and Coins.
Tip: To Clear the strong thorns around games,be sure to chop trees around it.
Tip: Click on scared visitors so it will calm them down and start spending money at the fair.
Tip: Remember to save some wood to build future games and buildings.
Tip: Clear out some trees so it does not get too crowded.

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Brittany Paige Garcia - Dec 23, 2012

how do i add ravenwood neighbors that arent on my facebook freinds? someone pleassee help me. idk what to do i have no neighbors bc my freinds dont play this game.

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