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Vote if you want 1-Click Gifts for Zynga Games' Message Center!

by Amy Wong - Jan 02, 2013 Star_s2,391 views

Update (01/14/13 @ 1:31 PM PST): Thanks for all the feedback and votes! We are not really sure if this feature has a big demand, so we'll think a bit more about whether to implement it or not.

1-Click Gifts is one of the tools we offer on Gamers Unite! which lets you click on all the the gift requests on the Game App Request page with one click (you need the Snag Bar to use this feature.) To refresh your memory, this is how it looks:

We are actually not entirely sure which games work anymore as newer games only allow you to respond to requests inside the Flash games. Many of the newer Zynga games take this format called the "Message Center" and older games like Farmville have already transitioned to use this as well.

The work is actually not that bad inside the Message Center, even if you have 100 requests, you can just blindly go click click click like a Kung Fu master and you should be done in couple of minutes.

But instead of doing the Kung Fu master thing, would you like to find inner peace by clicking it only ONCE to accept ALL? Or for once for every catageroy?

We wanted to ask y'all if this is something you'd like to have! Please let us know by voting :)

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Lori Dallara - Jan 03, 2013

most definitely!!!

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