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More than 6 wells etc?

by Barbara Wright - Jan 13, 2013 Star_s1,551 views

Just too let you know, the guys at farmville are hunting for the people with more than they should have and when found they are booted out of the game for good. Just a heads up people.

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Top Comment of the Week!

Robyn Barcomb - Jan 14, 2013

The only time "cheating" ever annoys me is when people below level 30 complain for post after post of being bored and not having quests. If you use NO cheats (and I will actually exclude the link exchange and feed collector from this)... you will be much less bored. Sure... no quests is a bit less thrilling and time sensitive. But if you have no quests... it probably means you are between expansions. In order to get that expansion... you are damn well going to be busy... even without quests. You need to get the materials together... including crafting an awful lot of crap in order to get those coins (I currently need to get the 750,000 one... with the 1,000,000 right behind). Granted... I am sick to DEATH of growing, fertilizing, harvesting, and crafting freaking wheat. I am glutten intolerant at this point and have FV2 Celliac Disease! (As I have Crohns in RL... this is actually rather amusing to me). But as I do not cheat... you do what you have to do. BTW... I am irish and sick of potatoes as well! (Potato rolls are a good, easy, totally replenishment way to make decent coins)

Otherwise... if you want to have 20 wells and such... be my guest. ALTHOUGH... I probably will not be visiting your farm much. I will send you whatever you may ask for... usually within 4 hours or less, including farmhand requests. Just do not expect me to click on over there and actually water any trees and such. I don't care that you are cheating... but I DO care that your farm takes 10 minutes for my old dinosaur of a computer to load!!! :D

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