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Coasterville friends but not Facebook friends?

by Amanda Tindle - Dec 29, 2012 Star_s6,127 views

Help please, how do i add people who play the game without being friends on facebook? I have been to the add me tab but can only view profiles i dont know how to send neighbour requests from the add me page, any help would be great thanks!!!

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Diane Gribensk-Knight - Jan 17, 2013

There are a couple of ways to add Z friends without adding them to Facebook. I'll give you the first example here and later, I'll add the second example. First, you have to be on and then go to CoasterVille.
1) Click on the person's name. This will bring you to their Z profile page.
2) Just click ADD Friend all they have to do is accept! :)
How to add Z friends without adding them to Facebook

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