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Hen House Issue

by Barbara Wilson Peck - Jan 22, 2013 Star_s586 views

Has anyone had an issue with their hen house today. My hen house (which is not new) is today telling me I need to add another chicken to get started????

Contacted support and they have to send it further up to investigate. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before.

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Samantha Miller - Jan 22, 2013

Ok, if we are talking about the red hen house - chickens don't stay in there.
If they are on your farm, they count towards the "3 adult chickens".
If it has a purple drop over it, similar to those found on unwatered trees (purple instead of blue) then you need another adult chicken.
The difference in the two are - adult chickens give white (or red if they are the silver laced chickens) and can be fed quite frequently.
Prized chickens only give brown eggs and can only be fed every 18 hours.

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