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level 147 so hard

by Kathleen Elizabeth Thomas - Jan 10, 2013 Star_s834,998 views

147 so hard any advice???

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Katie McFarlane - Jan 24, 2013

I came to this forum yesterday looking for answers. Now I have passed it I will say how. First I watched some YouTube videos showing it is possible to complete. On this level the striped candy is you friend. You should especially try and combine it with a colour bomb or wrapped candy. Or try activate a horizontal stripe in the bottom row. You will need to make 2 or 3 such moves to complete the level along with carefully chosen general moves. I made the mistake of concentrating too much on the areas I needed to clear. Sometimes something on the other side might set up a killer move. Also the obvious move might clear one jelly but prevent further moves whereas another move could offer more successive moves. It still might take quite a few turns to win but you won't beat this level without special combinations and maximising every move.

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