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The future of this "Criminal Case" is rather bleak if the energy replenishing stays this slow

by Bob Trieger - Jan 01, 2013 Star_s21,360 views

I'm willing to bet that 90% or more don't bother to finish the 2nd case.

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Dev Sta - Jan 26, 2013

What you all have to remember is this, they are wanting you to spend money on the game its a ploy to draw you into the game get you interested and then because you cant quite get 6 turns from a full charge you may be tempted to purchase some. Don't get me wrong I feel that if you put games onto a free to use website they should be completely free to use no purchases necessary. and why should there even be a recharge on these games? is it because the servers would crash if everyone was on them 24/7? guys if you like hidden object games you can pick them up pretty cheap on disc at various outlets from as little as 2.99 in the UK and as for the us I can only hope they would have something similar over there.

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