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Stuck on Level 97 with the bombs

by Sherry Layne Beane - Nov 01, 2012 Star_s1,028,411 views

Help I can not get past

Level 97 with the bombs.

Any Ideas?

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Tia Martin - Jan 28, 2013

Level 97 wasn't as hard as 98. Now that I know what to do, but if your board don't come down right, then the skill don't mean nothing. You have to use your wrap & strips candy in order to get your points. If don't matter what color they are as long as its a wrap & strip candy switch it. That will give you a big candy that will/ almost clear your board. Do this 1 or 2x and depending on where you @ in your scores this will give you your points. I think it took me less then 10 try's and I move on. Level 73 or 74 I can't remember took me a week in a half. I hope this information will help you.

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