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level up to 40 just in 1 hour -trick

by Satyaveer Singh - Jan 26, 2013 Star_s5,474 views

there is another post in the gamers unite about this but many of them did not get it right

here is the two way


just try my havest ur neighbour farm trcik by

then level up in ur neighbour farm

and refresh, u will get same xp with increased level,it also unlock ur item for new level(advantage)

disadvantage-u will not get ur crop instantly grow and few water drops


u can do it in ur farm,but if u did it wrong u will not get ur crop instantly grow and u will not get ur same xp in the new level,here is the method

level up in ur farm

and before congratulation pop up refresh

u will get ur same xp with level increased,but if u got congratulation message before refresh ,then do not try this

u may loose ur instant growed crops and water drops

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Leigh Williamson - Jan 29, 2013 <-- Watch my tutorial on how to do this

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