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Expansions Hack (free expansions)

by Alejandro Retana - Jan 19, 2013 Star_s6,382 views

To do this you need to have at least 1 Empire Point on your game account,it can be done using either Cheat Engine or Charles Proxy but I will use Charles on this example just because I feel more comfortable using it


-1 Empire Point
-Charles Proxy,download: http://www.charlesproxy.com/

step 1. Run Charles Proxy,and set a breakpoint at game startup on the 'flashservices' folder under 'fb-client-zc.empire.zyngadotcom'

step 2. Find the response with the 'data' and 'metadata' folders and navigate to data/userInfo/player:

step 3. Edit the Cash amount number,from 10 to 999999999:

step 4. Disable the breakpoints and click on 'execute'

step 5. Click on the barracks I and start a contract to build cadet soldiers

step 6. Click on the barracks again and click on the 'finish for 1 EP' button

step 7. Open the Expansions tab,click on the 'build' button,and click on 'buy all requirements for n EP':

step 8. Place your expansion,go to the Expansions tab again and repeat the process,once you're done refresh the game and that's all

Video here: Expansion hack

Cheat Engine:

1. Open the Process your web browser is using,chrome.exe or plugin-container.exe
2. Change 'value type' from '4 bytes' to 'double'
3. Scan for your EP amount number (let's say 15)
4. Start a contract to build 'cadet soldiers'
5. Click on the barracks,and click on 'finish for 1 EP'
6. Type in your current EP number (if you had 15,it should be 14) and click on 'next scan'
7. Move the results to the bottom and change your EP number to 999999999
8. Click on the Expansion tab,click build,click 'buy all requirements for n EP'
9. Place your expansion and repeat,when you're done,refresh the game

Video here: Expansion hack (cheat engine)

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Ivan Ignev-Igi - Feb 04, 2013

@Alejandro, God bless you! I'm glad there are people like you who help those in need.

This problem is probably common and can be added in the description.

  Thank you again!

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