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Regarding Snag Bar and peoples' complaints...

by Christin Surreal Martell - Jan 05, 2012 Star_s198 views

I have been reading many complaints about how the Snag Bar isn't snagging, or how the items aren't ending up in the gift box. The worst part, is the constant complaining about GU not fixing things fast enough. Let me remind you of a few things.

Facebook has been changing the way their site works constanly in the past couple weeks. This has caused issues with Zynga game play and GU tools. In fact, many of us were having our FB accounts suspended for "spam" and "malware" when sharing from Farmville. I would say that's a sign that the new Facebook system/server set up has been causing some serious issues.

The Zynga game server also started some major changes months ago, and they seem to still be going on. We see it all the time with the "Farmville has been enhanced" pop up boxes.

That being said, I can imagine that it's difficult to keep up with the constant changes from both Facebook and Zynga. Now, add to that updating the Snag Bar with new quest items, building materials, etc. ALSO... Farmville is not the only game GU is used for. Oh, let's not forget the threads that give us a "heads up" on the up coming quests.

I know programming. I know how much of a serious pain in the bum it can be to have to constantly change everything to conform to another server when they keep reprograming their crap. It's even more of a pain when you have others harrassing you to get it done faster than light.

GU does quite a lot for us considering this is a FREE service. I think many people forget how difficult it is to keep up with everything.

So if you think Facebook and Zynga causing issues are a pain in your arse, you have no idea. Imagine what it's like for them. So how about giving them some time and room to breathe and being one less pain in their arse?

ADDED: And BTW, I noticed some changes back and fourth with 1-Click Tools the other day. It's obvious they're trying to get things to work better for us. Thank you, GU.

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Simon Barnes - Feb 14, 2013

not happy with the gu chat bar some bullies on there i wish there was a admin looking at this site i have left this site now but still view the harsh words by some.

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