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Problem loading Words with Friends

by Jill Short - Dec 04, 2012 Star_s733 views

Is anyone else having problems loading Words with Friends? I've been having loading problems for about 3 days now. When it does load I can play 3 games and then it tells me "not a valid game".

Anyone else exerienceing your game partners getting dismissed?

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Karen K. Selover - Feb 18, 2013

yes!!! i have been having the same issues lately with the "this game is out of sync/valid" notice. but for two solid days now the game just will not finish loading.....it starts, and then somewhere , it seems to just stick and doesn't complete the process...its stuck on STUPID!!!!! game issues seem to follow zynga......instead of leaving things alone, they gotta try to change something , like adding those annoying ads, and it totally screws up the entire system.....hopefully it should be fixed fairly soon. HOPEFULLY!!! because it is definely annoying!!!

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