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Snag Bar not updated to snag new items? Here's a possible solution (Part 2)

by Amy Wong - Jan 09, 2013 Star_s25,142 views

Update (01/14/13 @ 1:31 PM PST): We just released the "Snag all new items" option!

Thanks for all the feedback! We saw a strong demand so worked on it right away! Check this new option on the preferences page to get items that are not yet added to the Snag Bar! Hope you like it!

Last week, we released a way to only view "Report Snaggable" items on the MyFeed so people can easily view and collect items that are not yet added to our database.

As I mentioned in that post, we are currently thinking of adding another possible solution to fill in the gap between when items are released and when they get added to the Snag Bar database.

We are thinking of adding a new option on the toolbar preferences to "Snag All New items" for each game. This will snag anything that is not in the database without discrimination and things will NOT be categorized. So whether it's a new foal, new tree, or items for new quests, it'll just snag'em all until we categorize it afterwards.

Gamers, do you like this idea? Our engineer says the work is not hard but it's more about the maintenance that is difficult because they most often cause unexpected bugs. Is it worth doing than the 1-Click Gifts for Zynga games? Please let us know by telling us which feature sounds more useful!

We also want to thank all who showed interest in helping us enter the items on the database! I have to admit I was not expecting anybody to show interest at all! We huddled again and decided to implement fields to enter the "reward" and "category" on the "Report Snaggable" to get help from members like you :) The most time consuming part of updating the database is finding out what reward each link gives out and where it gets categorized so this is going to speed up the Snag Bar updates significantly.

We probably need more people to help us update the database in the long run too, so we are going to monitor who is the most helpful and accurate. The Snag database is actually a little complicated and one mistake could make the Snag Bar not to work at all, and this will help us decide who we can trust to tweak with our database :)

Again, feel free to leave feedback and suggestions :)

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Alan Attebery - Mar 06, 2013

@Mortimer Hobart - The Snag Bar does not support either game you mentioned. The only games the Snag Bar supports are listed on the Toolbar Preferences page (click the socket icon next to the total number of items snagged on the Snag Bar to reach that page). To collect items for the games you mentioned, I recommend you use our Game Feeds app.

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