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Hints & Tricks with Farmville 2

by Brandon Jones - Sep 26, 2012 Star_s156,917 views

Hey everyone,

Here are some hints, tricks and tips I have learned from playing Farmville 2 and from a little research. Some things you may know, but thought I would share:

1) Crafting: This is extremely helpful with making money. DO NOT sell your milk and eggs at the stand, as these help with multiple crafting items in your kitchen, not to mention your animals will become "Prized" after so many feeds and will not produce anything anymore, only gold and XP.

2) Animals: Once you have an animal that has become "Prized" you can move it to your inventory, allowing you to place more animals. If there is a quest down the road that you need more animals/prized animals for, you will have it in your inventory to place later. (Once you store it using the Tools icon, go to your animals tab of your inventory). You can of course always sell them as well. If you are willing to spend real money for Farm Bucks to buy certain animals, I saw from a little research 1 guy (Joseph) said that the best animals to buy are: an Iibex, an Ameracauna Chicken and a seal-point dwarf rabbit. According to him, he doesn't believe they become prized if you use Farm Bucks. Double check into that if you are considering that and worried. But he said they produce a LOT. Chicken - about 7 eggs, the Ibex about 4 milks, etc! And if they don't become Prized, that would be extremely helpful!

3) Crops: 1st of all, you can hold down the left mouse button and drag across crops & trees to quickly do the same task (Plant, Water, Harvest, Fertilize, etc). I have seen that Strawberries apparently help give a lot of XP, but you don't really use them for much besides Strawberry Lemonade.

4) ****INSTANTLY GROW YOUR PLANTS & TREES: This is an amazing trick I learned. You definitely need to have lots of neighbors to do this, but every little bit helps. Plant some crops. Water them and fertilize them (Or water & fertilize trees). You can hover your cursor over a neighbor that is on your farm to help you and see which crops/trees they are going to help. After you have already watered & fertilized your crops/trees, THEN allow your neighbor to help. Whichever crops/trees you have already watered and fertilized, they will be INSTANTLY GROWN!!! Amazing for something you need right away or for crops/trees that would normally take a long time to grow. The more neighbors you have, the faster you will get produce and level up!!

5) 2nd Way to Instantly Grow Crops/Trees: If you are close to leveling up, plant and water some crops that you take a long time to grow (Pumpkins, Strawberries, Sunflowers, etc). I do believe they have to be watered already in order to instantly grow upon leveling up. Also, according to, they confirmed with Zynga that leveling up will instantly grow your crops/trees is permanent & here to stay! So pay attention to how close you are to leveling up! ***I haven't tried this yet, but saw that if you do level up and haven't planted crops yet, supposedly you can still navigate while the Level Up Box has popped up. So plant & water as many as you can, then click on Share, and it should instantly grow everything!!

5) Random things: There is a sign in the Market > Decorations > Tab 6/7 for only 100 gold. Place those where you would like things done. Put them by your trees, crops, animals, etc so that your neighbors know what you need help with!!!!! For example, fence in a bunch of goats and chickens and place the sign in there so neighbors know to feed them. Or place it where it's obviously next to your crops so they know to water/fertilize crops). If we all start doing this, we can all help each other better! Also random: notice when you move stuff and place something, your animals jump up and down each time? Also, there is apparently an email you can get from Farmville 2 with daily bonuses in it....still trying to find it. No idea why, but you know you are going to try it lol.

I learned some of this from the Gamers Unite Blog: "Tips for playing Farmville 2" not sure if I can post there link or not though. Just didn't want anyone to think I was trying to take away from them!


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Brandon Jones - Mar 08, 2013

Hey everyone, just some quick advice. When you go to a neighbor's farm. pleeeeease do not waste your help on their Wells.....Please! It's such a waste of potential help. If you do my crops that's 5 plots. If I plant, water & fertilize those 5 plots with asparagus and use your help to insta grow them, you are giving me 5 times 21 XP for each plot plus 10 asparagus which each gives me 18 feed. That's 105 Xp and 180 feed....compared to possibly giving me maybe 1, possibly 2 water at best.....ya please do not do peoples wells. It's not beneficial for you or them. Or a Grapefruit tree = 37 XP each, or a Lime Tree is 25 XP each times 5 could be 125 - 185 XP plus the limes help with Chery limeades.....etc etc Thanks!

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