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What is with the low harvest yields?

by Robert Rooney - Mar 07, 2013 Star_s41 views

I plant 700 plots of rice (mastered and fertilized) and I get a harvest of only 12 bushels. This is typical of other crops lately. Anyone know what Zynga is doing? And don't say "crop yields are random." I noticed this last summer and have not received any answer from Zynga other then "oh, well."

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Elizabeth Taylor - Mar 10, 2013

i've noticed a couple of things when i harvest:
1. more bushels if i harvest with the harvester, not the combine.
2. bushel yields go way down if i turbo the process - harvest with harvester
3. if the pop-up for collections appears, click on it immediately: seems it stalls the bushels.
4. harvest slowly - if u get a bushel count during the process, wait a minute and continue. the bushel yield goes up with each successive notice.
5. pray to all the fv gods! ;O

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